Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jeepers Creepers! Cute Spider Clip Art Kit

These spiders probably won't scare you but they'll sure be fun to work with! 

Includes 3 overlays (lg webs, sm webs, and spiders) and 16 (not 12) variegated papers (4 shown). You can use the overlays with your own papers too! 

You also get 3 girl & 3 boy spiders as well as two others without bows. 2 webs (long and short w/wo white center) and 2 frames complete the kit. 33 png images in all.

Fun to see all the neat combinations and will certainly make the kids happy to work with whatever you create.

As always, commercial use for teachers!

Here's a freebie that I created with the kit. I thought it could be used for creating a spider comic. Enjoy!

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