Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's a Spring Thing! 2 Clip Art Collections

Today I'm sharing 2 of my newest collections. Colors coordinate so you can mix and match the two collections. 
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20+ Resources to Learn about Owls!

I shared these resources on my other blog and thought I would share them here too.
This is the perfect time of year to learn about owls. The three webcams listed below all have owlets in their nests and are fascinating to watch. Kids will love watching them grow and really get a kick out of feeding time. Watching the cams in real time is both exciting, educational, and relaxing.
  1. Great Horned Owls Live Webcam (new owlets in nest)
  2. Alessondra’s OKC Great Horned Owl-Cam (new owlets in nest) 
  3. Hans and Didi Barn Owl Cam (new owlets in nest)
  4. Virtual Owl Pellet (poop) Disection - printable
  5. Fun Facts Where are Barn Owl Pellets Found in the Wild? 
  6. Owl Power PBS Video - Available for free until March 18th.
  7. The Great Horned Owl - San Diego Zoo
  8. Facts About Owls - This film was made by a fifth grade teacher for science class.
  9. ZooBorns - pics and video (very cute!)
  10. Owl Arts and Crafts
  11. Owl Word/Vocabulary Games
  12. Listen to Owl Calls
  13. Animal Observation Guide - printable
  14. Observe to Learn - printable
  15. Fostering Outdoor Observation Skills - printable
  16. Kids Guide/Activities from the movie Legends of the Guardians - printable
  17. Whoo am I? - printable
  18. Barn Owl Activity Book - printable
  19. Feathered Fact Sheet - printable
  20. ABC ANIMALS O for Owl - printable
  21. Intro to Owls - Printables at the end. 
  22. Owl Coloring Pages
You may also like  my Amazing Animal Webcams LiveBinder. It features all types of live animal cams. Especially check out the eagle cams. They will soon have eaglets in their nests.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

My 3 Favorite Animal Web Cams

  Today I'm linking up with Teaching Trio and sharing 3 of my favorite "Live Animal Web Cams".  Animal web cams are a great way for kids to observe animals in the environment in which they live. They are a fun way to bring animals into the classroom virtually. It's exciting to watch and learn about animals in real time. In addition to it's educational value, it fosters compassion and respect for animals.
Alessondra's OKC Great Horned Owl-Cam features "Mr. and Mrs. Tiger" who have taken up residence in the planter boxes of an Oklahoma City family.  3 eggs have been laid this this year.  If your students are interested in watching owlets hatching keep checking in on this one.  You can also follow the Alessondra's OKC Great Horned Owl on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
This homeschooling family supports classroom use of the web cam. Classes can submit their top five questions about the owl and Alessondra will do a custom video to answer them. How cool is that. Send your 5 questions to learn@okcowlcam.com
Watch Alessondra talk about the owls.

Africam.com features 6 cameras in animal reserves located in South Africa. Students will be able to view a variety animals such as elephants, lions, cheetahs, and more. Because it's live, and there is a time difference, you will need to find the best time for your students to watch. Mine was in the morning and students viewed a variety of animals at the watering holes.
I love that this site has a built in camera so students can take snapshots of the animals. Snapshots can be posted on Facebook or saved to your computer.
 Decorah, Iowa Bald Eagles The female has not yet laid her eggs this year but soon will. This is a great time to start checking in on these eagles. Students will get a "bird's eye view" of  raising eaglets. They are fun to watch.
There are so many activities that students can do using live animal web cams. Here are a few I have had students do in the past:
  • Keep a log of what you see. Record the time, date and activity.
  • Record what the animals eat. 
  • Notice any patterns the animals have.
  • Create a drawing of what you see.
  • Take snapshots (or screenshots) of the animal being viewed. Turn them into a slideshow.
  • Make an informative poster using your screenshots.
  • Build a nest similar to what you see. We used a dollar store grapevine wreath as a base.
  • Do further research on the animal.
You can find these and many more in my 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

National Storytelling Week (with resources)

Did you know that Jan. 31 to Feb 8 was "National Storytelling Week"? Well I just found out that it is in the UK. I think this is a wonderful "awareness week" celebrating our most ancient art form.
"From retelling something that's happened in your day; reading a night time story to a child; or watching a plot unfold on TV - storytelling is a part of our own everyday lives and the entertainment we get from movies, programmes, plays and other powerful performances." via National Awareness Days
Below I'm sharing some neat resources that can easily be used for a variety of levels. I especially love StoryBee. These are great stories when you have an extra minute or two to fill. 
No matter where you live I think this is something to celebrate.
Click on any image to take you to the site.
Ewan McVicar’s Top 10 handy hints for Storytelling

You can find these resources and many other engaging resources in

Valentine's Day Clip Art and Two Freebies!

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