Sunday, August 30, 2015

Finally a Way to Recycle Old Markers - Crayola ColorCycle

I am happy to share with you that Crayola now has a program for recycling markers (any brand) and students can play a big part. It's called ColorCycleThis is totally awesome! As an art teacher you can imagine how many markers I have thrown away over the years. Makes me cringe just to think about it.

"ColorCycle is a great opportunity for teachers and their students to explore eco-friendly practices. Specially developed standards-based lesson plans are available to enrich instruction and promote lively class discussions." 
Love that the shipping is free. FedEx picks it up too? Sounds like an incredible program. Unfortunately Crayola ColorCycle is only for the U.S. and part of Canada.   I found out about Crayola ColorCycle via Glitter Meets Glue Designs on Facebook.

Below is a video that shows how markers are made. The beginning is kind of goofy but you can fast forward to the 7:11 mark you can learn how markers are made.

It's very nice that they also include lesson plans and I'm sure creative teachers everywhere will create even more authentic lessons based on this program. Not only recycling and such, but my mind is exploding with math ideas at the moment. Just off the top of my head I thought of counting, graphing opportunities, probability etc. Tons of ideas for all age levels. What about you? What kind of lesson would you teach while your school participates in Crayola ColorCycle.

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