Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Create your own Peanuts Character Online and Use as a Story Starter!

Hooray for Peanuts! I love when movie studios put out quality interactives that can be used in the classroom. The makers of the upcoming Peanuts movie have done just that with Peanutize Me which lets you create your own Peanuts character. It's an easy to use website with lots of fun options to choose from when creating your Peanut's style character. With a great selection of backgrounds too these could make great story starters. No sign up (or e-mail) is required and when your done you can download your character as a picture or wallpaper. Fast and easy. Pretty cool!
Below is a character I made. Cute!

Charles M. Schulz's characters from "Peanuts" will be making their big-screen debut on November 6th. Looks promising.

If you're interested in more about Charles Schultz I recommend these resources.

 Here's the trailer for the movie.
Below are two neat videos I discovered that kids will enjoy from Muffalo Potato. Learn to draw these characters using letters and numbers. Neat concept.