Thursday, February 19, 2015

20+ Resources to Learn about Owls!

I shared these resources on my other blog and thought I would share them here too.
This is the perfect time of year to learn about owls. The three webcams listed below all have owlets in their nests and are fascinating to watch. Kids will love watching them grow and really get a kick out of feeding time. Watching the cams in real time is both exciting, educational, and relaxing.
  1. Great Horned Owls Live Webcam (new owlets in nest)
  2. Alessondra’s OKC Great Horned Owl-Cam (new owlets in nest) 
  3. Hans and Didi Barn Owl Cam (new owlets in nest)
  4. Virtual Owl Pellet (poop) Disection - printable
  5. Fun Facts Where are Barn Owl Pellets Found in the Wild? 
  6. Owl Power PBS Video - Available for free until March 18th.
  7. The Great Horned Owl - San Diego Zoo
  8. Facts About Owls - This film was made by a fifth grade teacher for science class.
  9. ZooBorns - pics and video (very cute!)
  10. Owl Arts and Crafts
  11. Owl Word/Vocabulary Games
  12. Listen to Owl Calls
  13. Animal Observation Guide - printable
  14. Observe to Learn - printable
  15. Fostering Outdoor Observation Skills - printable
  16. Kids Guide/Activities from the movie Legends of the Guardians - printable
  17. Whoo am I? - printable
  18. Barn Owl Activity Book - printable
  19. Feathered Fact Sheet - printable
  20. ABC ANIMALS O for Owl - printable
  21. Intro to Owls - Printables at the end. 
  22. Owl Coloring Pages
You may also like  my Amazing Animal Webcams LiveBinder. It features all types of live animal cams. Especially check out the eagle cams. They will soon have eaglets in their nests.

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