Wednesday, February 4, 2015

National Storytelling Week (with resources)

Did you know that Jan. 31 to Feb 8 was "National Storytelling Week"? Well I just found out that it is in the UK. I think this is a wonderful "awareness week" celebrating our most ancient art form.
"From retelling something that's happened in your day; reading a night time story to a child; or watching a plot unfold on TV - storytelling is a part of our own everyday lives and the entertainment we get from movies, programmes, plays and other powerful performances." via National Awareness Days
Below I'm sharing some neat resources that can easily be used for a variety of levels. I especially love StoryBee. These are great stories when you have an extra minute or two to fill. 
No matter where you live I think this is something to celebrate.
Click on any image to take you to the site.
Ewan McVicar’s Top 10 handy hints for Storytelling

You can find these resources and many other engaging resources in

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